ERIE - First, the good news: the Boulder Valley Velodrome will have a new, 4,800-square-foot bike storage building mostly below ground in the infield of its new track in Erie.

Now the bad news - adding a new building to the mix means the 250-meter outdoor cycling track now is slated to open in October rather than by the end of summer as previously hoped, according to Frank Banta who is developing the track with Doug Emerson, owner of University Bicycles in Boulder.

The track and its corresponding clubhouse and parking lot is being built on four acres at the northwest corner of Bonnell Avenue and County Line Road just south of Erie Community Park and the Erie Community Center and west of the Coal Creek Commons retail center. Close to 10 cycling clubs have signed up to pay to ride the track so far, Banta said.

"We're as thrilled as can be with what we have done to date," Banta said. "This is not a bad thing. We backed our track schedule off a few months."

Concrete for the new "bunker" building is expected to be poured some time in the coming week, Banta said. With the track about 70 percent complete, Banta and Emerson realized they needed to get heavy equipment into the infield to build the bike storage building. The two got needed approvals from the city of Erie and are moving forward, Banta said.

The oval track will have two 180-degree circular bends connected by two straight-away sections, and is expected to feature portable bleachers that can seat 250 spectators.
Founding members pay $5,000 each for a membership, and the 350-bike storage space will be used by them, Banta said. In the past, Banta said he also planned to have 10 cycling clubs - each with 30 members or so - to sign up by opening day.