BOULDER - Mocavo Inc., a Boulder-based startup that is developing a genealogy search engine, announced Friday it has purchased a Utah company and is undergoing a major evolution.

Mocavo, a TechStars 2011 graduate, purchased ReadyMicro, which is based in Orem, Utah. ReadyMicro specializes in digitizing historical records.

Mocavo will continue to operate in Boulder, and employees from ReadyMicro will remain in Utah. The company is hiring at both offices.

The acquisition will allow Mocavo to broaden its reach and expand beyond searches, the company announced on its blog.

"From the day the company was founded, our mission has been clear: To bring all of the world's genealogical information online for free and give everyone the ability to discover their family history," Mocavo's blog said. "Over the past several months, we have been working tirelessly to gather genealogical records and connect with other genealogical websites. In the next few weeks, we will make several exciting announcements about these additions that are sure to please family historians."

Mocavo has raised about $5.2 million, which includes a $4 million investment from Foundry Group.