BOULDER — Boulder Diagnostics Inc. has launched its Lyme disease diagnostic test in Europe, the company said Friday.

The Boulder-based company is offering its SpiroFind trademarked test as a diagnostic service from its clinical diagnostic service laboratory in Mellrichstadt, Germany. The test has received the European "CE" mark needed for commercial sale, meaning that it meets safety, health, environmental protection and other requirements.

"The SpiroFind test is the first method to query the trained immunity to Borrelia infection as a signal for active disease," Wolfgang Pieken, chief executive officer at Boulder Diagnostics, said in a statement.

In January, the company licensed the test from the University of Nijmegen in The Netherlands. Boulder Diagnostics plans to bring the product to the United States market in 2013, Pieken has said.

The company also does research on other diagnostic tests - one for liver damage from alcohol abuse and one trademarked as ParaFlor that can detect parasite infections in patients.

Privately held Boulder Diagnostics has funding from angel investors, Pieken has said.