BOULDER – Seamless Toy Co. Inc. raised $17,000 in its first day on, according to company founder Michael Rosenblatt.

Boulder-based Seamless Toy Co. Inc. has created the Atoms building-block toy modules, which are similar to Legos but with electronics in them. The company raised $70,000 from three founders and an angel investor before launching itself on the Kickstarter website on Monday, Nov. 19, said Rosenblatt, who is also the company's chief executive officer. Seamless Toy's goal is to raise $100,000 on Kickstarter and to use the money to start manufacturing toys, he said.

If a child wants to make a magic wand that can turn lights off and on in a room, there's an Atoms toy module that can do that, according to a company press release. If a child wants to move a toy around on the floor with an iPad, another Atoms module can help.

"We want kids to build functionality as quickly as they can imagine what they want to do. We chose the word 'atoms' because it's a fundamental building block to build anything," Rosenblatt said.

Headlights and light sensors from the Atoms modules can be put on an existing toy car and come on when lights in a room are lower – under a kitchen table for example, Rosenblatt said.

"Part of the plan is to make everything work with what kids already have," Rosenblatt said. "Everything we make is Lego-compatible, for example."

Toy modules ranging from $49 to $79 are available on the company's Kickstarter website, Rosenblatt said. In general, crowdfunding websites give consumers a chance to invest in companies. Once fundraising thresholds are reached, companies generally promise products advertised on their campaign websites.

In addition to Rosenblatt, the company has seven employees. Once the fundraising campaign is complete, the company will consider whether or not to sell products at brick-and-mortar retailers as well, Rosenblatt said.