BOULDER - AeriNOx Inc., a Boulder-based startup, in conjunction with its parent company H & H Environmental Technologies in Germany and DCL International Inc. in Toronto, will supply emission-control systems to power plants in Minnesota and Kansas.

AeriNOx president Michael Readey said the one-man startup is focusing on sales, but plans to expand into maintenance and engineering support in the coming year. It will be looking for office space in which to expand as it adds employees.

In southern Minnesota, AeriNOx and H & H will provide emission-control systems to reduce nitric oxide and nitrogen dioxide in four 6.7-megawatt natural gas engines. The engines are central to a 25-megawatt power plant under construction. Readey said the systems will reduce nitric oxide, nitrogen dioxide and carbon dioxide emissions by 92 percent and volatile organic compounds by 70 percent.

The company also will supply emission-control systems for a 110-megawatt power plant to be constructed in Grant County, Kansas. The systems will reduce nitric oxide, nitrogen dioxide and carbon dioxide from 12 10-megawatt natural gas engines being supplied by a U.S.-based engine manufacturer. Construction of the facility will begin in early 2013, and it is expected to go online in 2014.

AeriNOx and H & H teamed up to deliver comprehensive engineering and technical support to the engine manufacturer and its power-generation design division, in order to define the optimum emissions-control system required to meet the project's challenging air-permit requirements.

"This is a critical project for us, and we are very excited to work with the engine manufacturer and its power generation design division toward a successful outcome," Readey said. "I'm looking forward to being an important part of the team during the implementation phase of the project with the end customer."

The power plant is designed to offset the power fluctuations from a regional wind farm to supply customers a stable power source derived from ultra-low emission sources, he said.