LONGMONT - The business community in the Longmont area had a net gain of 164 jobs in 2012 but also witnessed a slight rise in commercial real estate vacancy rates.

A total of 905 new jobs were created in 2012. Of those, 18 new companies that came to the area brought 244 new jobs, and 63 existing companies added 661 new jobs, according to figures released by the Longmont Area Economic Council on Monday.

At the same time, 12 companies closed or relocated out of the Longmont area in 2012, creating a loss of 195 jobs, according to the LAEC's figures. An additional 59 existing companies cut 546 jobs.

The 18 companies new to the Longmont area  are Advanced Design & Manufacturing LLC, Akonia Holographics LLC; Aspen Laser & Technologies Inc.; A-Tek Inc.; Bergans USA LLC; BluIP; Boomerang Enterprises Inc.; Boulder Systems Design Inc.; Claremont Foods LLC; Denovo LLC; Freedom Works Foods LLC; Genius Labs by vAuto; Goddess Garden; Grace Design; Smart Storage Systems Inc.; Two Rivers Foods, doing business as SolBites Inc.; Enterprise Travel Systems Inc.; and Miyota Development Center of America Inc.

The 12 companies in the Longmont area that closed in 2012 were Chemizon; Ericsson Inc.; Pillar Data Systems Inc., bought by Oracle (Nasdaq: ORCL); Premier Manufacturing; CBeyond Inc.; Farragut Systems Inc.; Abound Solar Inc.; Entersolve Inc.; Reveal Systems Inc.; Elemetric LLC; Noble Engineering Inc. and Onsemble LLC.

The Longmont area's commercial real estate vacancy rate stands at 18.2 percent, with 1.58 million square feet available at the end of 2012, according to the LAEC's statistics. Commercial real estate vacancy rates were at 17.4 percent at the end of 2011, with 1.49 million square feet available.

The majority of the increase in vacancy came as a result of the closing of Longmont's downtown Butterball turkey packaging facility in December 2011, the LAEC said in a press statement.

In 2012, the LAEC met with 52 prospective company representatives, down slightly from the 55 with whom the economic group worked in 2011.