BOULDER - For fans who not only want to attend golf tournaments but be totally plugged into the action, the wait is over.

An interactive, web-based app called PGA Tour Live Maps, developed by Boulder-based EarthvisionZ LLC and the PGA Tour, was launched today. It provides real-time tournament information on a detailed course map for all PGA tournaments, beginning with this week's AT&T National Pro-Am at Pebble Beach, California.

"It's the culmination of a nine-month joint venture between us and the PGA," said Jeff Schott, co-owner and president of EarthvisionZ.

"The PGA's proprietary Shot Link technology looks like surveying equipment," Schott said. "It tracks every player and every shot, and sends out a feed to the leaderboard. We pick up that feed, and it goes into the app."

High-resolution satellite imagery from Google gives fans a variety of information whether they are on site at a tournament or accessing Live Maps from a desktop or tablet, according to a PGA press statement. Integration with live PGA Tour data feeds allows users to stay current with the on-course action, and layer controls put them in charge of the experience, whether it's to locate a player, access scoring data, or to find on-site amenities, such as the nearest concession stand, restroom, sponsor expo or hospitality venue.

If you're attending a tournament, "it GPSes you," Schott said, "so you'll know right where you are, who you're watching and what's close by."

The app is monetized through advertising, Schott said. "The sponsor tents are located on the app, and those sponsors sell ads that show up right on the app."

"With the ability for fans to now carry phones while at PGA Tour events, this was a natural extension of our digital product offering," said Luis Goicouria, vice president for digital media business development and operations for the PGA Tour, based in Ponta Vedra Beach, Florida. "It will absolutely improve the on-site experience at our events, but it also provides a unique way to follow the competition for all fans, regardless of location."

"We are honored to be partnered with the PGA Tour," said Carla Johnson, chief executive of Earthvisionz, in the PGA press statement, "and to deliver the first-ever live map webapp that will allow people all around the world to follow the action right in the moment."

The site can be accessed at, with live data showing on tournament days.

The EarthVisionZ software platform - called WorldEngine - has helped the company create dozens of websites for various clients, Schott said. The software originally was developed for a U.S. Air Force defense contract that ran from 2001 to 2008, he said.

WorldEngine " enables organizations to aggregate many disparate big databases, both live and static, organize all data into categories and drive it by location using any map or globe viewing platform," Schott said. "In this case, the mobile site is built on top of Google Maps and is one of the world's first - and possibly only - map applications to geo-locate live data, in this case the movements of all players on the course during every tour event."

Schott was a co-publisher of the Boulder County Business Report from 1990 to 2008.