BOULDER - Prosperent Inc., a Colorado Springs-based technology startup, nixed a potential new office in Boulder for a less expensive spot in Denver.

The online pay-per-sale advertising firm will move into a new Denver office at 3200 Brighton Blvd. in the River North neighborhood on Monday, April 1, said Mike Christensen, the company's co-founder. Christensen made local headlines in November when he announced that he wanted to move the company to Boulder because its "tech culture" offers a strong pool of computer programming employees, and the city has a great entrepreneurial spirit.

Christensen said Monday that Denver offers the same workforce pool, and the cost of living is less expensive. Prosperent has five employees and could hire two new computer software programmers and two new salespeople this year, Christensen said.

"We really weighed a lot of options between Denver and Boulder," Christensen said. "(With) the cost-of-living difference between Boulder and Denver, we decided to make it easy on ourselves and our employees. The Denver area seemed a lot more affordable to us."

In Colorado Springs, Christensen said it's tough for his company to compete with the U.S. military for potential computer programmers looking for a job. Denver and Boulder don't seem to have that problem, he said.

Prosperent's online retail customers include Nordstrom, and others, Christensen said. He declined to give a revenue number for the privately held company other than to say that it's in "the seven figures."