LONGMONT - SkyTran Colorado LLC is planning to build a high-speed monorail system that would provide public transportation between Boulder and Longmont along Colorado Highway 119.

Longmont-based SkyTran's chief executive R. Paul Williamson, said the system would operate on electrical magnetic levitation powered by solar/hydrogen energy.

Williamson will present the plans to the public at 7 p.m., Thursday, Aug. 22, at the Creek Room at the Boulder Public Library.

Williamson said the $250 million project would be built by SkyTran Colorado and funded by private investors.

SkyTran Colorado, established in April, is a subsidiary of SkyTran Inc. in Mountain View, California. SkyTran Inc. has created prototypes of 500-pound, two-passenger pods that literally float on suspended rails made of aluminum and powered by a magnetic field generated by electricity.

Williamson said his sky pods will do 150 mph and will not exceed one g-force during stops and starts. "That's about all the g-force you can handle before you start feeling it," he said.

Williamson said there are plans for seven stations along the highway, some of which will coincide with RTD Park-n-Ride locations. The company is working on rights-of-way.

A handful of magnetic levitation trains exist in Asia and Europe, and several projects are being considered in the United States, including Mountain View. Japan's MLX01 clocked in at 361 mph in 2003.