BOULDER – SatisPharma LLC is testing two new skin rash cream formulas by offering free samples to customers.

The new skin rash creams Epsoma and Soothe-it are made up of home-remedy solutions that include calcium salt and alcohol, Ray Hauser, founder of Boulder-based SatisPharma, said in a press statement. Hauser said he created the solution to treat his own skin eczema, a skin condition that affects millions of people in the United States. The ingredients in the creams also are commonly found in Epsom salts and calamine lotion, Hauser said.

"I developed my own formula, and the lotion seemed to be more effective than the one prescribed by a dermatologist," Hauser said in the press statement.

The creams can be used for skin irritations and rashes caused by acne, eczema, insect bites, poison ivy and poison oak, among others, Hauser said. SatisPharma is offering 2,000 free samples to customers at the web sites and

Hauser, 86, is known in the Boulder community as co-founder of Hauser Chemical Research Inc., where he served as director during clinical trials of Taxol for the treatment of ovarian cancer. He also is known for gifts to the University of Colorado to support undergraduate scholarships and to update laboratory facilities in the chemical engineering department.