BOULDER - Just as Orbotix Inc., has outgrown its spot at 1155 Canyon Blvd. in Boulder, another Boulder tech startup, Revolv Inc., believes the space will suit it for some time to come.

Once Orbotix moves to its new East Boulder home in November or early December, Revolv is set to sublease the 6,800-square-foot space at 1155 Canyon. And with the launch of its smart-home automation solution slated for late October or early November, Revolv has already moved into temporary space close by to ease some of the transition.

Revolv co-founder and head of marketing Mike Soucie said Monday that the company had out-grown its 1,000-square-foot home at 2060 Broadway. The company moved in late August into first-floor space at 1155 Canyon, subleasing from First National Bank. Revolv will move upstairs into its permanent home once Orbotix leaves.

"It just kind of made sense to make the move," said Soucie, noting that simply moving upstairs will have less impact if it overlaps some with the product launch than having to move from another location would have.

Revolv makes a wireless hub that connects residents' smart-home features - from lighting to thermostats to entertainment to garage-door openers and other electronics - and allows the homeowner to control them from anywhere via a smartphone app. The hub and lifetime subscription to the service will cost $299.

Soucie said the Orbotix space will be more than Revolv needs, and the company will initially sublet part of it. But Revolv is also positioning for more growth.

Revolv has added a couple of employees recently to get to 17, and Soucie said the company would likely add three or four more by the time the product launches. Revolv is rapidly adding to the number of smart-home devices with which its platform is compatible. Compatible only with the iOS platform now, the company is also working on creating an Android version of its app.

Revolv is a 2012 graduate of the TechStars Boulder startup accelerator. The company closed on a $2.7 million round of funding in September of last year and has since been developing and testing its product.