Colorado ranked No. 8 of 50 states when it comes to being affected by the federal government shutdown, according to a report from the online social network

Washington, D.C.-based WalletHub examined data about Small Business Administration loans, numbers of federal employees, amount of federal contract dollars, numbers of veterans, Social Security recipients and other factors to make its rankings.

Virginia ranked No. 1 as the state most affected by the government shutdown, followed by Alaska, Alabama, Washington, D.C., Maine, Maryland and New Mexico, according to the report. Iowa was last on the list.

Specific numbers in various areas were not immediately available from WalletHub, although the group said it examined general government data.

Colorado ranked No. 3 in the country as a state most affected by the disruption of Small Business Administration loans, according to the report.

Colorado's SBA ranking was based on the level of small business borrowing done in the state in recent years, according to a WalletHub. Some 1,003 Colorado companies have received $387 million in SBA 7(a) loans from October 2012 to Aug. 31, 2013, according to statistics compiled by Wells Fargo Bank in Denver.

In Boulder County, 61 new companies were started in fiscal year 2012 with help from area Small Business Development Centers, which are funded in large part by the SBA. In addition, $8.3 million in capital related to those centers came into the local small-business community in the year ended Sept. 30, 2012, according to SBA statistics.

Only North Dakota and South Dakota saw higher levels of small business borrowing in the United States, according to the WalletHub report.

Colorado ranked No. 7 in federal contract dollars per capita, according to the report.

Some 800,000 federal workers currently are on furlough, including more than 3,600 in Boulder County. There was no apparent resolution in sight to the shutdown, which has entered its second week.
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