BOULDER - Studio H:T Inc. announced Tuesday that partners Christopher Herr and Brad Tomecek have spun off their own independent architecture firms.

Herr is launching Christopher Architects Inc., and Tomecek is starting Tomecek Studio Architecture Inc. Boulder-based Studio H:T will be phased out over the next year as its projects are completed and the two new entities move in separate directions.

Studio H:T revenue and other financial details of the split were not disclosed.

But both Herr and Tomecek, who were equal partners in the venture, said the transaction was an amicable and even 50-50 split. Studio H:T had seven employees including the owners. Tomecek took three with him, while the other two are now with Herr along with one new hire.

Herr and Tomecek said the split was due to divergent visions, and will allow each to explore their own interests. Studio H:T was focused on modernist homes, multifamily projects and urban fill renovations.

Herr said his new firm will have an increased focus on addressing unpredictable schedules and blown budgets that can be common in architecture and construction.

"Clients love architecture, but they often don't love the experience of getting it," Herr said. "We intend to change that."

Studio H:T had grown to include a Denver office. Herr will maintain offices in both Boulder and Denver, while Tomecek will be based in Denver.

"We're excited to be doing unique and creative exploratory projects with architecture and design," Tomecek said.