Anyone doubting the importance of the nonprofit sector needs only review news stories from September 2013, when disastrous floods struck the northern Front Range, including Boulder County.

Nonprofit after nonprofit stepped forward to help citizens and businesses alike, offering emergency relief such as food, clothing, shelter and money. From the Community Foundation Serving Boulder County to the Foothills United Way, from the Longmont Community Foundation to Community Food Share, nonprofits stepped forward to provide assistance where it was needed. (And many continue to do so.)

The nonprofit sector also has been a conduit for individuals and businesses to donate to worthy causes aimed at flood relieve.

Disasters such as the 2013 floods and forest fires of prior years help illustrate the importance of this sector.

Yet with that important role come challenges, as demand for services balloons. Nonprofits are always in need of volunteers, expertise and funds.

The aforementioned nonprofits are just a sampling of the worthy organizations that exist in the Boulder Valley. Readers will find those organizations and hundreds more in the pages of the Giving Guide, produced by the Boulder County Business Report.

This publication seeks to identify the key players in the nonprofit sector, serving as a bridge between nonprofits and the individuals who need their services, as well as the businesses and individuals who can contribute time and money.

We’re grateful to the sponsors and advertisers who made this publication possible, and to our chief researcher, Mariah Tauer, and research assistant Kiley Gant for their hard work compiling this data. If your nonprofit listing is incorrect, or if your organization is not listed, please email Mariah at

Most of all, please use this publication as a resource when considering where you or your business can contribute time, money, goods or services.

And let’s remember to always consider the good that comes from nonprofits — not just when a disaster occurs.

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