LOUISVILLE - A Boston-area company that makes 3-D modeling software has opened an office in the Boulder Valley and is looking for workers.

Concord, Massachusetts-based SpaceClaim Corp. opened an office Monday, Dec. 23, at 357 S. McCaslin Blvd. in Louisville in space leased from Office Evolution. The staff in Boulder will work on core geometry development, research and new products.

The company makes software that helps engineers work in 3-D without having to learn complex CAD software.

"Boulder, just like Boston, has a rich history in engineering and design software. Some of the industry's most important innovations came out of Boulder, and it is still home to landmark companies providing software for engineers," said Chris Randles, chief executive of SpaceClaim, in a press statement. "Boulder has outstanding resources and a well-educated community of software developers, provides a famously healthy environment for startups and consistently ranks high in best places to live surveys."

The office currently has two employees, and SpaceClaim spokesman Greg Wind said it initially is looking for six to eight experienced coders with at least three years of experience in professional software development, but more are likely to be added. He said local candidates can visit http://www.spaceclaim.com/en/Company/Employment/se3dm.aspx to find out more and apply.

Founded in 2005, SpaceClaim's customers include companies in the automobile, aerospace, medical-device and machine-tool industries as well as the U.S. Navy.