BOULDER - Radish Systems LLC, which develops customer-service voice and data-mobility products, is looking to raise $1 million from private investors, according to a federal regulatory document.

Chief executive Theresa Szczurek was not immediately available for comment about what the funds would be used for.

Radish makes the trademarked ChoiceView product, which allows smartphone users to send pictures at the same time they're on phone calls with other people.

One investor has put in $10,000 so far, according to the document filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission on Monday, Dec. 23. In exchange for cash, investors are to receive promissory notes, which will be convertible to equity shares in the company in the future, according to the regulatory document.

The ChoiceView product is being used in the health-care industry and in other areas as well. Radish won the Boulder County Business Report's 2011 IQ Award in the Business Products and Services category.

Radish Systems LLC was founded in 2011 after Szczurek and Richard A. Davis sold their previous company Radish Communication Systems Inc. for more than $40 million in 1996. The original company created a modem protocol product called VoiceView, which allowed data to be transmitted during a landline phone call.