BOULDER - The University of Colorado will establish a new cyber physical systems research center in conjunction with the new Chicago-based Digital Lab for Manufacturing.

President Barack Obama is slated to announce Tuesday the creation of two new manufacturing institutes. It has been widely reported that Chicago-based UI Labs has been awarded $70 million from the Department of Defense to fund the Digital Lab. The other lab, focused on lightweight and modern metals will be based in Detroit.

The institutes are part of Obama's vision to boost manufacturing in the United States.

CU officials said in a statement that the DOD is contributing $3.1 million over five years to the school's efforts, with a matching $3.1 million coming from CU's side with state support, including $1.5 million from the Colorado Higher Education Competitive Research Authority.

Digital manufacturing uses new technologies to improve manufacturing processes. The Digital Lab is a research institute that will develop and commercialize digital manufacturing technologies.

UI Labs, a Chicago-based research and commercialization collaborative, leveraged $250 million from partners in the private sector, academia and government to win the $70 million DOD award.

CU will serve as the research lead for the state of Colorado's involvement in the institute.

"These (cyber physical systems) will enable a radical new way to manufacture advanced products through the synthesis of embedded sensing, data analytics, numerical simulation and control," Kurt Maute, the associate dean for research at CU's engineering school, said in a statement. "Cybersecurity is of crucial importance and will be an integral part of the digital manufacturing process. CU-Boulder's efforts will build upon world-renowned research programs in computer science as well as aerospace, electrical and mechanical engineering."