LYONS - CenturyLink Inc. announced Tuesday that it has completed a revamp and upgrade of its broadband network in Lyons after the September flood wiped out much of the small town's infrastructure.

The company announced in November that it would be making major upgrades as it repaired its network.

Residents can now purchase service with a maximum of 40 megabit-per-second download speeds, compared to the maximum 12 MB-per-second available to Lyons customers before. The 40 MB-per-second service is available for $29.95 per month for 12 months if customers sign up for auto pay, or $34.95 per month for 12 months without auto pay.

Prior to the flood and CenturyLink's upgrades, Lyons Communications offered the fastest internet service in town, 20 MB-per-second for $66 per month.

"This is a very exciting development for the town of Lyons," mayor Julie Van Domelen said in a statement. "Continued economic development and growth are critical to our future in Lyons, and we are very pleased to have a community partner like CenturyLink to support our future with advanced broadband capabilities."

In addition to Lyons, CenturyLink upgraded multiple small mountain communities that had infrastructure damaged by the flood, including Jamestown, Estes Park and Glen Haven.

Lyons residents looking to upgrade their CenturyLink services or to order new service may call the retail store in Boulder at 303-442-2011.