BOULDER -Natural-products company Boulder Brands Inc. has been approved to receive up to $60,000 in rebates for sales and use taxes, and permit-related fees from the city of Boulder.

Boulder's city manager Jane S. Brautigam approved Boulder Brands (formerly Smart Balance Inc.), for the rebates, which is one of the city's business incentives, covering a range of fees, equipment- and construction-use taxes.

Under this program, the city manager may consider a specific incentive package for tax and fee rebates to meet a local company's specific needs. The company is then eligible for the rebate after it has made its investment and paid the taxes or fees to the city.

Boulder Brands' natural- and organic-food segments target specific health trends: the Glutino and Udi's Gluten Free brands for gluten-free diets; the Earth Balance brand for plant-based diets; the Level Life brand for diabetes-friendly diets, the Smart Balance brand for heart healthier diets, and the recently acquired EVOL brand for consumers seeking more simple and pure ingredients.

"Boulder Brands, with its wide range of brands and products, is a great addition to Boulder's natural-products industry," Brautigam said in a prepared statement "We are thrilled that Boulder Brands has relocated its headquarters and employees to downtown Boulder and is investing in the community."

In October 2013, Boulder Brands (Nasdaq: BDBD) relocated its corporate headquarters from Paramus, N.J., to the recently constructed third-floor office space at 1600 Pearl St. in Boulder.

The flexible rebate program uses social, community and environmental sustainability guidelines to evaluate eligible businesses. Companies choose the guidelines that best fit their circumstances, but must meet minimum requirements in order to receive the rebate.

Boulder Brands will participate in Eco-Cycle's Zero Waste Services program. Additionally, Boulder Brands is committed to improving its packaging and day-to-day operations to be more environmentally friendly. The company recently introduced square, space-saving packaging for its Smart Balance and Earth Balance brands. These new product designs will reduce the greenhouse gas emissions associated with packaging, distribution and retail energy-use by 18 percent over the course of the products' life cycles, according to the company.   

Boulder Brands' application is the seventh to be approved as part of the 2013 flexible rebate program. The city's approved 2013 budget included $350,000 in funding for flexible tax and fee rebates for primary employers.  

For more information about the city of Boulder's business incentive programs, visit or call Liz Hanson, economic vitality coordinator, at 303-441-3287.