The Colorado Department of Health Care Policy and Financing today announced that it has enrolled more than 22,700 children in Medicaid or Child Health Plan Plus since Oct.1.

This population of children had been eligible, but for a variety of reasons had not been enrolled.

"Enrolling these additional children was a result of new applications enhancements and outreach strategies," said Susan Birch, executive director of the department in a statement. "Now, more children in Colorado are getting the coverage and access to consistent care they need, which will help lead to a healthier Colorado."

Since Oct. 1, thanks in part to a streamlined application process, more than 14,450 children have been enrolled in Medicaid and more than 8,250 have been enrolled in Child Health Plan Plus.

"The department has drastically reduced the time it takes to process applications for Medicaid and CHP+, with most applicants who complete their applications completely and accurately finding out immediately if they qualify," said Antoinette Taranto, acting director of the office of client services, eligibility and enrollment in a statement.