BOULDER – Earthnet Inc. announced this week it has completed its $200,000 data center expansion and upgrade as it looks to accommodate more small businesses with private cloud computing services.

Earthnet chief executive Bahman Saless said the Boulder-based company’s “bread and butter” will remain colocation services, which entail hosting clients’ own server equipment in Earthnet’s data center rather than hosting clients’ data on Earthnet’s system.

Saless said the purchase of a new cloud platform from Dell, though, was needed to keep small business customers, who can’t always afford their own equipment but still want their data stored somewhere locally, in the mix.

“Now they just don’t have to invest in hardware,” Saless said. “The technology is just so tremendous, it’s so fast and efficient that it makes sense for a lot of our clients.”

Saless said the expansion of the data center at 4735 Walnut St. would not mean more employees for the company for now. Earthnet does about $1 million in revenue per year, focusing on customized IT solutions primarily for small businesses like medical offices and practices, and other professional services, as well as startups.

Saless said he believes the upgrades will allow Earthnet to expand its customer base by 50 percent.