BOULDER - Surna Inc., a developer and manufacturer of equipment for the marijuana industry, announced on Monday that it has filed a patent application for its Airstream reflectors used in grow lights.

The new reflector, which is slated for a launch in the fourth quarter of this year, is designed to preserve energy and help growers increase production and maintain uniform growth rates for plants.

The Airstream is designed to provide uniform light distribution, enabling up to 30 percent more light to hit the plant canopy when compared with traditional reflectors.

The reflectors are designed and manufactured at Surna's plant in east Boulder. A retail price has not yet been set.

"This week's patent filing, with several more expected in the weeks and months ahead, reinforces Surna's position as a leading technology company focused on the legal cannabis and indoor agriculture marketplace," Surna chairman and chief executive Tom Bollich said in a statement. "At commercial scale, we believe the Airstream technology will prove disruptive."