About a hundred people gathered in Denver’s Exdo Event Center for the first annual Colorado Cannabis Summit Thursday.

The conference offered updates for dispensaries, operators and industry consultants on various issues related to medical and retail marijuana sales.

Brian Seifried, mayor of Garden City, opened the conference with stories about the four fast-growing marijuana companies in his small town, a tiny community almost entirely surrounded by Greeley, which has banned retail marijuana shops.

The day also included presentations on marketing and safety, building relationships within the Colorado cannabis community, and regulatory, tax and technology updates.

During the conference, several people expressed concerns about how to advertise their products, how to transfer ownership of medical licenses to retail, and how to deal with the ongoing banking ban.

The industry, Seifried said, is still dominated by “stereotypes from the black market, the hippie, lazy, pothead-type stereotype, and most business people are hardworking and want to follow the regulations and want to be a good part of the community,” he said.

“Being part of the community is the way to overcome these stereotypes,” Seifried said. “Get in front of people, and tell them about your business plan.”